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Oyster Tribe Aboriginal Corporation (OTAC) presents our 2023–2031 Strategic and Operational plans to achieve the goals towards closing the gaps statement.

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Oyster Tribe strategic goals

Working with partners to close the gap

The five-year plan represents our aspirations for an exciting future. Our strategic community focused , culturally appropriate goals have been designed to establish our direction and define those areas that are important for our organisation’s and communities future.

Our strategic goals and focus are specially designed to address challenges faced by our community regarding Aboriginal disability and housing, the criminal justice system, out-of-home care, and advancing our community through delivering culturally appropriate education and training programs. We have aligned OTAC to contribute to the 17 Priority Reforms aimed at addressing socio-economic outcomes in the Indigenous community by building partnerships with organisations, all working towards the common goal of advancing Aboriginal communities in regional NSW.

Our 5 Focus Areas

Health and Wellbeing: Delivery of Quality Health Care Services

Provide quality access to cultural appropriate disability support services and community health programs to benefit the physical, spiritual, emotional welling of Aboriginal community.

We will ensure to continue our deliverance of best-practices through culturally appropriate and evidence-based services following a comprehensive, population health and needs-based approach ensure personalization every step of the way.

  • Advocacy for People NDIS Support Services.
  • Allied Health Services.
  • Aged Care Support Services.
  • Support Coordination.
  • Cultural Appropriate Service Delivery
  • Oyster Tribe’s partnership with NDIS registered Disability Services.
  • Indigenous Australians (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander)
  • Rural and Remote Locations
  • High Complex Need (Physical)

Housing: Secure and Affordable Housing

Ensure access to appropriate housing solutions to reduce homelessness, accessible housing for people with disabilities, respite care, supported independent living for the Aboriginal community. community.

Homelessness is an issue we want to tackle head on providing the required accommodation to Individual’s in need aiding in refreshing housing policies and infrastructure to meet community needs and assist communities in sustaining positive growth.

  • Support homeless people to secure permanent accommodation.
  • Refresh the housing policy and infrastructure to address community need.
  • Support community to sustain tenancies Encourage home ownership
  • Homeless accommodation support. Housing policy and infrastructure enhancement.
  • Tenancy sustainability assistance.
  • Promoting homeownership.
  • Community-driven housing initiatives.


Deliver community education programs and culturally appropriate training with a focus on helping our young generation excel in community.

We specialize in delivering cultural programs and advisory support to Aboriginal-controlled organizations, offering facility services, grant administration, accounting, business advisory, strategic goal-setting, and community assessments. Our expertise extends to specialized accounting and taxation assistance, ensuring a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients.

  • Deliver Cultural appropriate  community programs.
  • Business Advisory to other ORIC and ACCO
  • Facilitation Services Administration of Gran.
  • Accounting & Taxation
  • Community Assessment 
  • Government consultation. 
  • Cultural enrichment through tailored programs.
  • Strategic business advisory for ORIC and ACCOs.
  • Effective facilitation services.
  • Efficient grant administration.


The Oyster Tribe supports Aboriginal communities in developing cultural appropriate solutions and implementing strategies to reduce interactions with the criminal justice system, fostering a stronger future.

Justice reinvestment is an approach aimed at reducing the incarceration rates of Aboriginal people. It involved the implementation of strategies that tackle the root cause leading to involvement in the similar justice system. These strategies are community-led and data-informed, ensuring they are both relevant and effective.

  • Reduce Aboriginal incarceration through community-driven policies.
  • Shift resources to high-contact communities. Implement data-based, community-led solutions.
  • Advocate for policy changes for justice reinvestment.
  • Foster diverse stakeholder collaboration.
  • Reduce Aboriginal incarceration through community-driven policies.
  • Shift resources to high-contact communities. Implement data-based, community-led solutions.
  • Advocate for policy changes for justice reinvestment.
  • Foster diverse stakeholder collaboration.


We are dedicated to offering holistic, culturally safe, child and family focused out of home care services to Aboriginal communities in regional NSW, providing care for children, young people, and their families.

Our Oyster Tribe team prioritizes providing comprehensive and culturally safe services to Aboriginal communities across multiple regions.

  • Early Intervention
  • Family Preservation
  • Out of Home Care
  • Family Connect & Support
  • Therapeutic Services
  • Psychology, Social Work and Mentor
  • Family Support and Prevention
  • Empowered Collaboration:
  • Cultural Placement Priority.
  • Inclusive Decision-Making
  • Cultural Connection

Socio-Economic Outcomes for Connection to Culture and Country

Our strategic goals are aligned with working towards a better future for the Aboriginal people in regional NSW. Our priority areas of focus are tailored towards advancing Aboriginal people, language, culture, and innovation.

Decent Work and Economic Growth

Improving governance controls through planning, training, and communication with the Indigenous workforce to facilitate the enhancement of economic growth.

Reduce Inequalities

Ensure that basic human services are equitable and accessible for everyone by expanding the services offered to the Indigenous community.

Peace and Justice

Create a workplace that promotes strong ethics, holds individuals accountable, upholds high moral standards, ensures equitable treatment between genders, and enforces fair policies.

Disability Inclusion

Ensure that the Indigenous community with disabilities is recognised and provided with adequate support and services to help them achieve their goals and objectives.

Life on Land

Protection of cultural heritage via recognition of sacred sites, artifacts, traditional knowledge, history ensuring value of Indigenous traditions on land.


Celebrating our culture and achievements, fostering awareness, pride, and education in our language and traditions, promoting cultural growth.

Advocacy & Leadership

Programs focused on developing the leadership skills of the younger generation to advocate for culture and the Aboriginal way of life, thereby creating positive community outcomes.

Cultural Education

Enhance the capacity to preserve traditional and cultural values, ensuring the education of the next generation, including individuals living with disabilities.

Education & Training

Invest in educational pathways for our Indigenous community to attain full independence, empowering them for informed decision-making in their lives.


Cultivate partnerships with philanthropic movements that share our goals to enhance initiatives for the Indigenous community by providing additional financial support.

Affordable Housing

Building and investing in affordable housing solutions to secure appropriate, affordable housing aligned with their priorities and the needs of individuals with disabilities.

Decent Work and Economic Growth


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What Does Partnering with Us mean

We have established an Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisation dedicated to serving Western NSW, with a focus on collaborating with local organisations to create connections and partnerships aimed at achieving our priority reform socio-economic goals.  

Through strong, long-term partnerships, we can advance Aboriginal communities health and well-being. Our team includes Aboriginal individuals and partners who hold leadership roles in business advisory, supporting other Aboriginal organizations , including specialists, ensuring empathy and cultural connection. We prioritise flexibility to address the needs of rural and remote communities and aim to reduce the number of children in care by promoting cultural knowledge and family reconnection. 

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