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Oyster Tribe Aboriginal Corporation’s (OTAC) success relies on a capable board overseeing projects aligned with our strategic goals, ensuring compliance, efficiency, and governance. Our leadership comprises members with backgrounds in cultural advisory, government advisory, award-winning CFO’S, and business advisors with a strong foundation in business accounting and taxation. This diverse expertise contributes to OTAC’s success.

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Oyster Tribe’s success is underpinned by a robust governance structure and financial management, led by a skilled team. With a clear focus on program efficacy, the team ensures adherence to internal controls, fostering accountability and transparency. By meticulously managing finances, we strengthen the foundation for impactful community initiatives, advancing our mission to address socio-economic challenges for First Nations communities.

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At Oyster Tribe, our aim is to be a strong advocate for policies and changes that impact First Nations communities. We work towards closing the gap, focusing on priority reform areas.

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Strong Governance and Leadership

OTAC places strong governance and leadership at its strategic foundations. Without strong governance and leadership, we cannot achieve outcomes for our members and Aboriginal people.

Financial Management Practice

OTAC achieves strong financial outcomes, emphasizing sustainability through structured controls, active governance, profitable ventures, and a reputation for excellent service and trusted partnerships.


OTAC acknowledges the need to evolve internal controls and standards as we grow. Enhanced human resource management, technology, and policy framework will underpin our journey. Our success will be marked by contemporary internal controls, standards, and HR management. aligns with Aboriginal culture.

Meet the Board

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Sheena Olsen

Director Chairperson

Adarsh Dutt

Accountant & Advisor

Vik Naidu

Business Development

Tanya Edwards


Tannia edwards


Meet the Governance and Advisory Board

Our Corporate Governance Team at Oyster Tribe comprises experienced professionals dedicated to ensuring transparency, accountability, and effective decision-making within our organization. Led by our Chairperson, the team collaborates to uphold the highest standards of governance, guiding Oyster Tribe towards achieving its mission and objectives.

Meet the Board


Meet the Board


Meet the Board


Meet our Senior Management Team

Meet Oyster Tribe’s Senior Management Team, led by our dynamic CEO, who aligns strategies with organisational goals. Our Program Manager ensures efficient program delivery, the Service Delivery Manager oversees operations, and the Community Engagement Specialist builds meaningful connections with communities. Together, they translate vision into action, advancing Oyster Tribe’s commitment to empowering First Nations communities.













What's New?

Disability Awareness Information Day – Dubbo

  In the spirit of unity and inclusivity, First Nations communities across the country are coming together to observe Disability Awareness Day. This special day serves as a poignant reminder to reflect on the challenges faced by our brothers and sisters living with disabilities and to foster a society that

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What Does Partnering with Us mean

We have established an Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisation dedicated to serving Western NSW, with a focus on collaborating with local organisations to create connections and partnerships aimed at achieving our priority reform socio-economic goals.  

Through strong, long-term partnerships, we can advance Aboriginal communities health and well-being. Our team includes Aboriginal individuals and partners who hold leadership roles in business advisory, supporting other Aboriginal organizations , including specialists, ensuring empathy and cultural connection. We prioritise flexibility to address the needs of rural and remote communities and aim to reduce the number of children in care by promoting cultural knowledge and family reconnection. 

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Read More About us and our community

Learn more about our stratgic goalsd on how we as an orgnsation are working towards closing the gap 

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