Bridging the Gap For Our Community Our People

Oyster Tribe Aboriginal Corporation (OTAC) is a registered Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisation (ACCO) under ORIC. Our establishment was driven by the need to address economic challenges within the Aboriginal community in regional NSW, with Dubbo as our initial priority area. 

Community Culture Inclusion

Socio-Economic Outcomes for Connection to Culture and Country

Closing the Gap For our people

Our primary goal and objective are to make a significant impact on the well-being of our younger generation and improve the lifeways of our people on land and sea, all while preserving and nurturing our language and culture through education and storytelling. 

OTAC’s organisational goals are centered around the 17 Priority Reforms, targeting socio-economic outcomes within the Indigenous community. We do so by fostering partnerships with various organizations, all working together toward the common goal of advancing Aboriginal communities in regional NSW.

"The World is an Oyster, Let's find your Pearl"

Our main purpose is to support our people in healing from the past and building towards the future.

Our 5 Focus Areas

The “Closing the Gap” initiative is dedicated to enhancing the lives of Aboriginal people and eliminating deep-seated inequalities. Oyster Tribe goals addressing 17 socio-economic outcomes in various domains. These encompass health, education, justice, families, housing, land and water, languages and culture, digital inclusion, and, in NSW, additional priority reform related to economic prosperity. 

 Our strategic goals are aligned with working towards a better future for the Aboriginal people in regional NSW. Our priority areas of focus are tailored towards advancing Aboriginal people, language, culture, and innovation. 

Health and Well-being

Provide quality access to cultural appropriate disability support services and  community health  programs to benefit the physical, spiritual, emotional welling of Aboriginal community.  


Secure And Affordable Housing

Ensure access to  appropriate housing solutions to reduce homelessness, accessible housing for people with disabilities, respite care, supported independent living for the Aboriginal community. 


First Nations Justice Reinvestment

The Oyster Tribe supports  Aboriginal communities in developing cultural appropriate solutions and implementing strategies to reduce interactions with the criminal justice system, fostering a stronger future. 

Education & Training

Deliver community education programs and culturally appropriate training with a focus on helping our young generation excel in community. Raise awareness about disability that aligns with Aboriginal culture.  

Out of Home Care

We are dedicated to offering holistic, culturally safe, child and family focused out of home care services to Aboriginal communities in regional NSW, providing care for children, young people, and their families.  

Principles We LIve By

Our Mission

Deliver quality and culturally appropriate disability support services and programs to address social inequalities, enhance health and well-being, and cater to the needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people throughout regional NSW. 

Our Vision

Connecting our people to their country through storytelling and ensuring that no one is left behind by advocating for people with disabilities, safe and affordable housing, and addressing social injustices.

Our Values

 We are proudly Aboriginal controlled | Community and culture-focused | The voice for people with disabilities | Creating impacts through partnerships | Respectful of traditional practices | Uniting families and children through stories. 

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What Does Partnering with Us mean

We have established an Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisation dedicated to serving Western NSW, with a focus on collaborating with local organisations to create connections and partnerships aimed at achieving our priority reform socio-economic goals.  

Through strong, long-term partnerships, we can advance Aboriginal communities health and well-being. Our team includes Aboriginal individuals and partners who hold leadership roles in business advisory, supporting other Aboriginal organizations , including specialists, ensuring empathy and cultural connection. We prioritise flexibility to address the needs of rural and remote communities and aim to reduce the number of children in care by promoting cultural knowledge and family reconnection. 

Meet Our Community

Get behind Oyster Tribe and drive change for our people by making a differance so we can live better lives. 



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